Thursday, February 10, 2011

Mexico's Tradition and Values

Mexico is known to be very traditional. There are various provincial and local cultural identities as well.  Roman Catholicism is the dominant religion of Mexico by whom their culture and traditions are greatly influenced. Many Mayan and Spanish aspects also appear to be evident in Mexican culture. However, even though Mexico is culturally diverse they believe strongly in Nationalism. 

Mexico has an evident social hierarchy system and the significant difference between the rich and the poor in Mexico supposedly creates a contrast in the culture of Mexicans.

Family is very important to the people of Mexico and though often it is here as well it is known that there are many families in Mexico who have three or more generations all living in the same household, which many people living in the America’s would think is crazy. Within a family the roles of each member are split according to gender. These roles and qualities are forced upon the different genders at a very young age. Through my research it was mentioned that girls are generally kept under very strict conditions until marriage and a significant event in their lives is the fiesta de quince años or more commonly known as a quinceañera. This event signifies the daughter to be eligible for marriage. However, no information was found about the youngest daughter not getting married and having to look after her parents instead.
Mexico has plenty of celebrations throughout the year whether it be a past victory, a religious ceremony or just a day worth celebrating they will celebrate it to the fullest. During major festivals the families often have large reunions of the various generations of the family. Some of the many major festivals that are celebrated annually in Mexico include Nuestra senora de Guadalupe, Mexican Independence Day, La Batalla de Pueblo and of course the Stratford Hall popular Cinco de Mayo.

Mexico is a country full of love, respect, dignity, colour, excitement and celebrations. 


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